Custom Logo Design

Custom Logo Design

A logo is the customer’s first visual impression of your company. And first impressions matter in today’s increasingly congested world. A strong logo design goes miles in securing your brand positioning and making its mark in the consumer psyche.

Why should you go for a professional logo design service rather than grab a readily available bundle package…? While a customised online logo design package might yield a logo for you within mere days, a professionally designed, custom logo design ought to be your choice for the following reasons:

  • We are the aesthetics experts.
    Our designers are experienced and adept at enhancing aesthetic appeal of your logo.
    At 2EZ Asia, our team of skilled designers are experts in and understand the fundamental principles of great logo design. These include basics of colour, shape, form and other factors that will affect the aesthetic value of your logo and its appeal.
  • Professional logo designs are customised just for you.
    Merchants can register their customers’ interest even before formally putting new products on the shelves of their physical and online shops
  • We will strike the perfect balance between simplicity and functionality.
    The best logos are simple, and the word is not used in a negative context here. This simplicity helps consumers to remember the brand; for the same reason, design elements or effects should not be present in the logo just for the sake of including them. For purposes of functionality, simple logos are also preferred as the clarity of logos with too much details might be reduced when the logo is made smaller or placed on a complicated background.

Our highly experienced team will work to incorporate your brand vision and values into the logo design to create a visually stunning, creative and highly original logo that will be a unique visual representation of your company and brand.

We provide customised e-commerce website design including the following useful features:

Custom Logo Design
Corporate Logo Design

We provide logos in colour, black and white and grayscale in the following formats for your printing and advertising purposes: