Custom Website Development


Custom Website Development

What is a customised website and why do I need one?

A customised website is one created to support your business’s specific needs and requirements. Unlike some websites created from market-ready templates, a custom website can include function(s) to suit your business’s specific needs and therefore present a more user-friendly solution for both the website owners (that’s you!) and the end users (your buyers/customers).

Design and usability are closely related, which is why our web designers and programmers work in tandem to create a unique, elegant website for your customers with the desired look and feel. The end result: a digital experience that engages, thrills, one which makes an impression on the viewer, and conveys the essence of your brand through the combination of form and function.

Some advantages of custom websites include:
Greater flexibility
Easier integration of third party apps
Built to the exact specifications that support your business needs
A platform better aligned to grow as your business expands

What is Custom Content Management System (CMS)?

Custom Content Management System (CMS) affords you the flexibility to customise your website according to your business demands and requirements. We also offer clients the service of creating your website from custom Content Management System (CMS), include reliable platforms such as WordPress.

At 2EZ Asia, we don’t just offer you e-commerce solutions. As part of our philosophy, we want to grow along with your our clients, hence we make it our business to ensure you have a viable e-commerce growth strategy to stand up against the competition. Expect professional service and technical support to ensure that your website is fully functional and that you will have the necessary know-how to manage your website.

What is Responsive Web Design (RWD)?

Responsive Web Design (RWD) has been the buzz phrase on marketers’ lips since its inauguration in 2011. Simply put, it is an approach of building websites to offer an optimal viewing experience with minimal panning, scrolling and resizing across myriad devices from desktop to mobile.

We highlight the key advantages of responsive web design below:

1. Reduces cost and time needed to set up additional mobile version for websites
For traditional websites to be viewed on mobile platforms, a separate mobile version of the website needs to be designed and developed from scratch. Hence, much effort and a greater expense will be incurred to manage the website including the need to repeatedly fine-tune it so as to maximize viewer experience – problems which will be eliminated by choosing responsive web design from the get-go. Responsive web design is also Google’s recommended setting for smartphone optimized sites.

2. A single url address for a website
Independent mobile web development would require additional steps for the website to be configured for mobile platforms (M-Dot Website), increasing operational costs. Responsive web design solves this problem by removing the need to build a mobile web interface or create a separate url address, through allowing users to have access to desktop and mobile versions with the same url address.

3. Enhanced multifunctional interface
Responsive websites enable viewers on mobile platforms to view product information easily and entice them to take part in promotional activities and discounts offered by the merchant through enhanced user experience. Simplified shopping and payment processes also help to attract more customers, increasing traffic to the website.

4. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – friendly
Want more users to be directed to your site when they search for related terms? Building your website using Responsive Web Design might just be the answer. The forth, and perhaps the largest advantage which responsive web design confers on website owners is to enhance its Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) – friendliness. Google, the world’s leading search engine, has recently recommended website owners to go with responsive web design for good reason – RWD allows Google’s search algorithms to allocate indexing properties to your website content, enabling your content to be discovered more efficiently without the need to crawl a page with different Googlebot user agents. In simpler terms, your website’s search engine results ranking will improve, giving you an edge over competitor sites that have not gone responsive.

With the growth in mobile penetration rates globally, the effort needed to maintain different versions of a website might be less worthwhile compared to laying out and coding for responsive. For businesses, responsive is definitely the way forward. By presenting a consistent user experience that familiarises potential customers with navigation across different platforms, it helps to increase conversion rates. It also increases your chances of higher search engine ranking results through focusing on content on a single site and a consolidated SEO strategy.