E-Commerce Development


E-Commerce Development

What is E-commerce?

E-commerce-enabled websites and web or mobile apps allow you to receive payment from your customers through accredited payment portals such as Paypal and eNets. This enables you to provide your website/app users with a seamless online shopping experience, as they can check out and pay on a single platform. By creating convenience for the time-hungry modern shopper, you increase your chances of sales conversion and customer satisfaction.

If your idea of e-commerce is that it is merely for shops/brands which want to offer retail direct to their customers, you are missing out on the myriad possibilities which e-commerce functionality can offer for you and your business! Besides retail of digital content or traditional goods and services, e-commerce also provides the flexibility for merchants to:

  • Market to prospective or existing buyers through email orders:
    Subscribers to your email newsletter have the option of making purchases through links in their email
  • Receive pre-orders for launch of products:
    Merchants can register their customers’ interest even before formally putting new products on the shelves of their physical and online shops
  • Improve information flow within supply chain:
    Merchants can better estimate the popularity of new items, improving business operations efficiency (i.e. bring in greater quantity of items likely to sell more, in advance from your suppliers) and also track specific product SKUs through inventory tracking

For end users, e-commerce websites include useful features that have supported the online shopping boom. These include personalised, intuitive shopping, such as product suggestions based on shopper’s previous purchases or wish list items, increasing sales conversion for the merchant. We offer the service of customising your e-commerce website using Magento, a reliable e-commerce platform developed by e-commerce giant Ebay Inc.

Whether you are a pure-click company or a brick-and-click company, e-commerce can support your business functions, and even open up the possibility of a physical shop for companies currently operating an online-only businesses model.

We provide customised e-commerce website design including the following useful features:

User-friendly Shopping Cart and simplified steps
Product Browsing by Category/Brand
Content Management System
Membership Registration

Admin Login/Tracking
Inventory Tracking and Control
Best Selling Items Highlight
Social Media Connect Icons
Personalised Wish List

Our team of professional designers will work in close collaboration with web developers to ensure the best of design and functionality for your e-commerce website. Let us know your requirements and we will do our best to fulfil them! Consult us to kickstart your e-commerce business today!