E-Commerce Website Design

E-Commerce Website Design

Effective web design grabs the viewer’s attention from the get-go. When beautiful design is combined with great user functionality, even spontaneous visitors to your website are encouraged to dwell longer, in the process finding out more about your company, brand and products. In the case of an e-commerce website, an attractive layout and other value-added features also help to increase sales and convert fans over to your brand.

What are some features should an effective e-commerce website have?

Home page design for BioCair, a website offering anti-bacterial disinfectant products, is simple and lifestyle-friendly; with cool colours used to evoke calm and carefreeness. It includes logos of available payment options.
  • Branding and appropriate design style: For websites that also have a physical shop, the outlook of your online shop should be consistent with your overall branding efforts to make your visitors feel comfortable. For shop presences limited to online websites only, an attractive web design is equally important as it helps to increase the perceived value of your products. Design styles should preferably be connected with the particular products you offer so visitors to your site can easily relate and make prompt buying decisions.
  • A clean layout: A user-friendly layout will optimise a design style that reflects your brand philosophy and personality and allow site visitors to experience what your brand is about through. However, the design should not be overly complicated and distract viewers from the products. Nothing too fanciful or excessive is appreciated and call-to-action buttons such as ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Place Order’ should be visibly prominent.

Distinct product categorisation according to colour n the sidebar of Baizigui, an e-commerce site offering Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) products, offers easy navigation for users.
  • Ease of navigation: With clear categorisation, users can easily find the particular product/service they are interested in or get help if they are unable to. With larger sites, users might need to search for items, hence effective site-wide searches should be a key feature.

User is guided through the buying process with prominent call-to-action buttons and minimal clicks to checkout.
  • Easy checkout: Just as we might decide to abandon our shopping carts if the queues at the supermarket are too long, a confusing checkout process might drive the buyer to leave your site without finalising payment for his intended purchases. Also, give your users the option to create their account after (rather than prior to) checking out so they will not abandon their buying decision due to the copious amounts of information needed to be filled.
  • Share for discount: User is encouraged to share the deal on his social media accounts such as Facebook or Twitter to activate a discount that he can then apply to the product(s).

With a dedicated and experienced group of designers and web developers, we have the right team to build a compelling e-commerce website for your company. Create a website that will impress visitors and optimise conversion today!