Facebook Marketing


Facebook Marketing

Devising social media strategies for clients are our bread and butter. The 2EZ Asia Team is specially focussed on Facebook as a platform to enable businesses to expand their reach and engage more fans. We specialise in providing the full suite of Facebook marketing services, including:

• Fan Generation:

Want to see your Facebook fan numbers increase? We have ethical solutions to your dilemma. Through viral campaigns, Facebook advertising, giveaway contests and regular engagement through quality post updates, we help you reach your desired Facebook fan numbers. A page with more likes naturally instils greater confidence in consumers about your product/service and make them more likely to try it out.
It’s not all about numbers, though. With good management, we also increase the quality of your fans to attract more potential buyers among your virtual fan-base.

• Facebook Advertising

Facebook sponsored newsfeed or sidebar ads are a good way to attract fans and promote your brand. Our team will help you create visually attractive banners with compelling copy that catches viewers’ attention, provokes their interest and entices them to become a fan. Some of these ads will also appear when users search for related keywords within the app itself. Our marketing experts take your goals into consideration, creating Facebook advertising campaigns which converts and meets your specific business needs at different times.

• Fan Page Management

A Facebook page with many followers but irregular engagement is one that is doomed. Through creative content, stunning graphics and innovative contests, we attract fans to like, share and comment on your posts. Such regular engagement is good as a form of publicity as friends of your Facebook fans, who have not yet liked your brand, will also be exposed to the product and service you offer. We will also diligently reply to fan queries about the brand or product/service.