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Magento iPhone

Ecommerce Mobile iPhone extension for Magento Store

Magento, an open source e-commerce platform, has released one of the latest Magento extension – Magento special themes optimized for iPhone’s palm size LCD screen.

According to Magento’s CEO, Roy Rubin,

"the iPhone's inherent navigation methods offer[s] quick catalog browsing, global site search, customer accounts, and a shopping cart with a complete checkout process…the iPhone extension delivers a user experience that supports the iPhone's touch-screen functionality, taking users on a clearly defined path from browsing to purchasing….We are looking to expand the capabilities of Magento to target additional mobile browsers in the future, but the iPhone, with its smart usability, market share and passionate audience was a natural place to start" Watch this video to see how iPhone users can browse, shop and buy from a Magento powered online store:

Magento’s iPhone extension gives e-tailers an equal advantage to compete with the bigger players in the market.

 It’s not too late to tap on the ever growing mobile commerce (m-commerce) market as mobile commerce is taking off due to a confluence of several factors:

  • Rising internet users
  • Internet banking becoming more popular
  • accelerated investment by Nikon, Ericsson, Nokia, Microsoft, Amazon, Dell in the m-commerce and wireless phone market
  • availability of packet-data networks
  • enhanced devices
  • availability of content
  • lower infrastructure cost

The only limitation in m-commerce’s growth right now is consumer’s confidence in mobile payment. It will take time to educate the mass market how to use their cell phone or personal digital assistants (PDAs) to embrace m-commerce.

If you belong to the telecommunication, IT, finance or retail industry, do not want to miss out on the m-commerce opportunity as part of your long-term marketing strategy. Optimise your Magento store for iPhone today by contacting us online.

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