Mobile Application Development


Mobile Application Development

Are you looking for a way to engage customers and to tell them more about the fabulous products and services you offer? Do you want greater visibility for your brand but are not sure how to engage potential leads and more importantly, convert them?

If so, a Mobile Application Solution is right service for you.

According to the Infocomm Development Authority (IDA), Singapore’s mobile penetration rate stood at 148% as of 2014, which means on average, each of the 4.6 million population owns more than a mobile phone. This makes mobile applications a huge platform to engage existing and new customers on. If you already have a mobile responsive website, you might be wondering about whether mobile applications are a cost that you can do without, or worried about whether its potential payouts will be equivalent to the cost of developing one. Here is a simple look at the advantages which mobile apps can offer users, and how it can translate into long-term benefits for your business:

  • Convenience for the user – user accesses the mobile app wherever and whenever he likes to. Since the app icon is visible on the phone’s home screen, he/she is also reminded of your product/service, as often as he uses his smartphone. Features like notifications to user when he is in the shop vicinity also serves to alert user.
  • Comprehensive source of information – consumers can find all the information they need about your business in one place and keep updated with your store activities
    It is literally an interactive space for them to explore more via a non-obtrusive, personalised avenue.
  • Personalised user experience – mobile app offers opportunities to utilise the devices’ built-in hardware capabilities, such as GPS, camera, microphone, speaker, etc. By recalling the user’s preferences through functions such as wish list and previous shopping cart items, it can also provide recommendations the next time you log into the app.

These great features provide value and create brand recognition and loyalty in the long haul!

How do we help you develop a custom mobile app?

We follow a three-step approach to ensure that a custom mobile app is built for you within the most reasonable time frame:

1- Identify
Our team of experts have a thorough talk with you to identify the issue(s) which the mobile application can help to resolve. The key problem areas are identified at this stage and our professional developers recommend a solution that mobile apps can provide, to tap on the mobile platform and utilise the unique mobile interface.

2- Build
From initial sketches to wireframe designs, a visual blueprint is developed to provide an understanding for designers as well as developers. Internal meetings are held over cups of coffee, to ensure that everything is in place before development starts. Then comes the tough work of coding, or building a firm foundation on which the app and its complex functions will run.

3- Evaluate & Refine
Mobile app development testing is a critical step to launching your successful app.
The importance of functionality testing cannot be overestimated! Our developers and programmers will make sure your app performance is consistent by monitoring and reducing technical issues to a minimum. This is done by having real users test the app prototype for issues that can be raised and resolved before the app goes live on Google Play or iTunes.

During beta test stage, you will also invited to participate in the use of the mobile app to ensure that its level of user-friendliness complements your business needs. Your feedback is our priority, which we will work on to refine the app to ensure a seamless user experience.
It’s because we care.

Engage our team today for a consultation to develop a winning mobile app that will be the talk of the town!