Newsletter Design (EDM)

Newsletter Design (EDM)

Electronic newsletters are HTML newsletters delivered to a list of customers via email. More commonly known as electronic direct mailers (EDMs), they are a way to connect with existing customers and potential ones. Such HTML newsletters provide tangible benefits for your business:

A non-intrusive way of updating customers and keeping in touch with them
Builds yourself as a credible source by presenting useful information
Eliminates costs associated with printing or mailing
Drives traffic to your website
Increase your social media following through buttons and plugins

2EZ Asia is experienced in newsletter design for corporate clients; understanding and fulfilling your requirements is our core prerogative. We do not work from templates – but are ready to help you draft out inspiring designs that will make an impression on your email recipients. Our designers work together with experienced copywriters, to generate quality newsletter content where beautiful graphics are aligned with strong call-to-actions to express the identity of your brand and drive sales. Our newsletter services include the following:

Electronic direct mailers (EDM) and Landing Page (LP)
Corporate newsletter
Informational newsletter
E-Invitation and Thank You e-cards

While the medium of email might have lost its lustre with the boom in popularity of social media platforms, email marketing remains one of the most effective channels to engage with your audience. A means of customer relationship management (CRM), newsletters help your business gain attention from dormant customers, distinguish yourself from other competitors by establishing your brand, and presents a cost-effective way of connecting with your customer base.

Get your email newsletter design done right with 2EZ Asia!