Social Media Page Design

Social Media Page Design

According to the IDA-cited ComScore report, more than 90% out of the 3 million Internet users in Singapore visit social networking sites such as Facebook (Figure accurate as of 2012). Social media has become an indispensable tool for businesses to connect with their customer base, as its phenomenal growth drives companies online to expand their “social reach”. More than a virtual platform, your social media activities has a real impact on consumer perception of your brand!

We specialise in beautifying your social media pages through creating graphic-friendly posts that capture the attention of your fans and establish a unique brand identity for you to increase fan engagement. We have the expertise to use visual design for optimising your social media strategies!

Here is a list of social network pages we specialise in designing for:

Since its inception in 2014, Facebook has established its status as a mover and shaker in the social media landscape. Regular engagement with fans on Facebook through post updates enables brands to be in the public eye and stay relevant in the lives of consumers. Facebook functions such as ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ also mean that good content that you put out receive more publicity if they are shared by your fans!

Our dedicated web and design team are familiar with the Facebook interface – we make it our mission to constantly keep our pulse on the social network. You can be assured of quality post content that meet Facebook guidelines, and more importantly, convey what is of essence to your target consumers!

2EZ Asia team also designs for Facebook Game Applications, engage us to create fun, entertaining visuals within an innovative game concept!

We create the following for your Facebook account:

  • Facebook banner / Cover photo
  • Facebook graphic
  • Copywriting for Facebook content
  • Facebook Application Design

A visual-friendly platform, Instagram has exploded in popularity and become the choice social network medium to be on, especially for the younger demographic. Its simple layout allows your visuals to take centre stage and ‘speak’ directly to followers, encouraging interactions on the mobile platform. Brands on the Instagram platform can encourage follows by liking and following other users.

The unique features of Twitter can be tapped on by businesses to great effect. By customising your profile page through use of colours and fonts to reflect your brand identity, you can provide additional information to those who click on your profile. Hashtags, now a common feature on Facebook and Instagram, were also first made popular on Twitter. Our marketing team can help you identify relevant hashtags and use them as part of your Twitter strategy, to increase the reach of your tweets!
Distinguish your brand with strategic social media marketing today!