Why Does Your Brand Need A Social Media Presence?

Social media marketing is crucial in this day and age.
An effective digital touchpoint for customers and clients, brands can benefit from being visible and active on these channels. Accumulating a Facebook or Instagram following helps you to connect and reach out to both existing customers as and also new prospects – these figures are not merely virtual, but can translate into real-life repeat business or new customers as well.

Word-of-mouth from customers
More than a channel for brand exposure and updates, having a social media presence can boost your brand repute – as research shows that 71% of customers who had a positive customer experience on social media will recommend the brand to their friends.

Customer relationship management
An effective customer enquiry and problem resolution channel, social media enables brands to steer conversations by engaging with their customers real-time. Brands can leverage social media as a support channel as many look for a quick answer to their queries online. It also offers a valuable tool for brands to monitor in-store brand experiences by gathering first-hand feedback from customers.

Reach out to potential clientele
Did you know that there are 6 million people in Singapore are active social media users1? As a young and tech-savvy target audience use social media regularly (70.79% Facebook users in September 20192), brands are using it as a strategic marketing tool to engage customers. In terms of e-commerce, Facebook and Instagram allow direct purchase, and as a form of advertising allows fans to discover the brands they actually use.  By creating quality and relatable content, you can engage your audience and increase your company’s top-of-mind awareness.

However, creating quality content might not be an easy task for everyone, that’s why we are here to help you! With our team of creatives and in-house talents who have insights into social media, we are ready to help you get a step closer to achieving a loyal following for your business.

Our portfolio

Profile: F&B company

What we did: We helped a new brand targeting the local halal market build business awareness from scratch, achieving close to 6,000 followers on their Facebook page.

Profile: F&B company

What we did: We built a strong branding for their Facebook page with engaging content and active updates focusing on their target audience. With a variety of post contents including contests, interactive posts and more, we sculpted a more sophisticated image for the client to align with their branding strategy.

Profile: Consumer electronics company 1

What we did: With the goal of developing a loyal digital fan base in mind, we helped to create and set a clear direction for their fan page and over a period of two years, their fan base grew to over 19,000 in strength.

Profile: Consumer electronics company 2

What we did: We helped optimized their Facebook page to engage fans of all demographics and through our strategies, they achieved a fan base increment of 28,000 in 2 years. Their platform has since become a go-to for active engagement.


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2Infocomm Media Development Authority,  Infocomm Media Landscape, Social Media, https://www2.imda.gov.sg/-/media/Imda/Files/Industry-Development/Infrastructure/Technology/SocialMedia.pdf?la=en