A Couple of Things eCommerce Sites Should Avoid

There are so many e-commerce websites out there in the world that one may not even finish visiting every last one in his or her lifetime. Furthermore, not every website is the same. Like the famous phrase “Rome is not built in a day”, good e-commerce websites are not built overnight. This article will show the general problems that some e-commerce websites face today, and should avoid in the future.

Impaired Functionality
A website is made up of many parts, and each part must function properly. Broken links and wrongly directed webpages can lead to the whole breakdown of the website. By making sure that the website is tested and re-tested regularly, this issue can be avoided.

Slow Loading
While sometimes it is not due to the website, slow loading times may cause the viewer to lose patience and exit the website altogether. Recent studies show that an average internet user only waits for 10-20 seconds for a website to load, before moving on to other websites.

Generally Poor Design
An e-commerce website that is poorly designed can just turn some viewers off and exit the website, even if there is a 90% discount on all products on the website. It may sound superficial on the client’s end but it is the cold hard truth for the business. Creating an aesthetically pleasing website may score some amazing design points with website viewers.

Multi-browser Incompatibility
What is the use of operating an e-commerce website that is not compatible with most browsers? An e-commerce website should cater to at least the major internet browsers like Internet Explorer; Google Chrome; and Mozilla Firefox.

Bad Payment Gateways
When making electronic payments and payment is a delicate and sensitive matter. No one likes to deal with bad payment gateways such as payment errors or no confirmation pages for confirmed payments. It is also a great way for potential customers to find a better e-commerce website.
These are the few serious problems an e-commerce website may face. By carefully avoiding all of the above issues, a decent e-commerce website can be created and with the right promotion techniques, it is on its way to greatness.