Custom Web Development

Build a user & search engine-friendly website

Looking for quality and affordable web solutions? At 2EZ Asia, we understand our clients’ needs for web design solutions that are not merely attractive, but user-friendly and easy to navigate. A website should help you to achieve business goals, and we have helped our clients reach theirs through professional, trusted web development services.

Today’s audience are well plugged in to a range of devices, chief of all smartphones and tablets, in addition to desktop PCs and laptops. Don’t lose out on engagement and conversion rates due to your brand website imperfectly displaying on customers’ preferred devices. We are ready to scale our web solutions to your requirements and deliver to your timeline.

Our web capabilities include:

  • Microsite (e.g. instant draws)
  • Dedicated Landing page (e.g. data leads enquiry forms)
  • Electronic direct mailer (e.g. event invites, greetings)
  • HTML5, CSS, jQuery, PHP

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