How to Create an Effective Landing Page

Sell, sell, sell with a landing page tailored for your audience.

Landing pages are informative pages purpose-built to convert visitors into leads, using a well-structured flow to guide users to take action. Before putting your dedicated landing page together, you’ll need to first know your goals, craft a succinct message you wish to deliver, and create a list of relevant keywords. Here are some more elements of a landing page that optimises clicks, traffic and conversion:

1. Concise Heading
One crucial element is a punchy headline that draws visitors and prospects in and makes them ‘stick’ to your page. The headline should also communicate what your product or service is about. The tone of the headline should be in accordance with your brand values – short, humorous and include a pun, or inspiring and bold. Either way, it ought to ‘stick’ in your reader’s mind and remind them about product or service. It should also complement the images – we’ll elaborate more about that next.

2. Compelling Visuals & Friendly Layout
Visual imagery are an all-important component of your landing page design, as striking visuals serve to draw eyeballs to your page. Use relevant pictures that gel with your body text, and where appropriate, use illustrations (icons, elements) that are purpose-built to promote your product or service rather than overly generic stock images, which threaten the legitimacy of your brand or product. Just as a concise headline helps to communicate the essence of your page, visitors who merely scan through the page without reading would still have a good understanding of your product or service if pictures are highly relevant.

Besides the use of compelling imagery, the overall page layout should also be user-friendly and well-structured so you can eventually guide visitors and prospects to action, and create a great first impression of your brand or company!

3. Succinct Content that Speaks to their Needs
Landing pages with high conversion rates are those which are able to demonstrate the benefit of their product or solution, stating clearly what’s in for them. A well-structured landing page with succinct content will convince prospects to purchase, make contact, leave their contacts or take up the action you want them to. Remember, the user to your page would have clicked into an attention-grabbing link following a search on their web browser, accessed your page through a marketing post on social channels, or even tapped on the url link shared in a WhatsApp or Telegram group by a family member, friend or acquaintance. Thus, you need to deliver what these prospective customers want to know and meet their ‘expectations’, which might be an emotional craving, or an actual need – sometimes both.

It is important that you address the needs of your prospects in a straightforward and direct way, let them know clearly what they stand to gain, or which of their needs your product/service promises to fulfil. Your body text might sometimes include frequently asked questions (FAQ) which address your readers’ queries about what you offer. Be wary of over-promising though – as this drives conversion at the expense of turning the consumer off and generating distrust towards your brand in the long term.

4. Powerful & Well-placed Call-to-Action(s)
The call-to-action is a key component that converts prospects into customers. An effective call-to-action is one that is well-timed and strategically positioned as it increases engagement and drives conversion for your landing page. After having grabbed the attention of your visitors and guiding them all the way to page bottom, don’t be shy about maximising the chances of conversion by prompting them to take the next step forward in their customer journey. Even if yours is a ‘Coming soon’ page or preview of your app beta-launch or new product range, you can allow page visitors to leave their details, allow a call-back and drive sales in the days ahead.

Our design and development team have been working in tandem to deliver powerful and results-driven landing pages for clients. Speak to us regarding your goals and get started by letting us create a mock-up design for your review and approval!