4 Ways to Make Your Mobile Application Speak to Generation Z

Understanding the quirks and behaviours of your mobile app users will give you greater insights on how to improve your app’s functions and attract them with personalised promotions. This is especially true for up-and-coming Generation Z users, who are both tech-savvy and socially conscious. Here are 4 key aspects you should app-solutely focus your efforts on to boost your efforts in reaching these end users and set yourself up for mobile app success!

1. Getting noticed via search ads (search bar)
The vital thing to note is to help prospects discover your app by appearing at the top of searches! Getting your app noticed during relevant keyword searches on either search enginges, App Store or Google Play is a quick and effective way to drive downloads through the power of suggestion. You are literally signalling to prospective users and telling them, “Hey, check us out before you head another way”, and is the equivalent of ‘other items you might be interested in’ just like when you shop on a webstore.

Since you want to attract as many eyeballs as possible to your app, it is crucial to make sure your app logo is professionally designed and conveys at a glance what your app is about. In addition, utilise key words that resonate with your audience, and succinctly express the pain points your app promises to resolve.

2. Have a clear app value
The clearer the value which your app delivers, the more willing people are to download and use it. Apps that serve a particular purpose in improving the daily lives of users will clearly present themselves as more attractive. In fact, a survey has found that 30% of lapsed or dormant users who have abandoned an app would likely begin to use it again if offered a discount, or close to 25% would go back to the app if offered exclusive or bonus content in-app.

One nifty way to prompt re-engagement is to highlight your app through mobile app engagement ads, for instance, by showing a relevant discount on the app to a user who searches for a product he or she needs, even if your app has already been installed. Such mobile app marketing techniques help to rekindle the connection with your user by delivering clear value, and even meeting subconscious needs.

3. Drive brand loyalty via personalisation
Gen Z, the generation aged between 15 to 22, are on track to become the next largest group of consumers. This demographic expects brands across various touchpoints and channels to deliver personalised content that demonstrate an understanding of their interests, values and lifestyles. This spells a good opportunity for mobile apps to engage them and convert them into loyal users! By customising the user experience for Gen Z consumers, and delivering the personalised interactions which they expect, your mobile app will perform much better than if it uses a generic or one-size-fits-all approach.

4. Resolve queries speedily with customer support
By integrating customer support within the app interface, you address your end users’ queries or anxieties right from the outset. Using tools such as push notifications, which appear directly on the user’s home screen, you get to communicate faster with them via a timely response. An in-app knowledge base, helpdesk or chatbot widget are also great ideas, reducing the costs of customer service while providing the possibility of 24/7 round-the-clock support. Eye-catchy and visually designed prompts can be used to nudge Generation Z users to look for answers themselves within the app’s Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section or chatbot.

The new age of consumers is here and engaging this valuable group should be every brand’s focus. Talk to our seasoned team of mobile app developers today to build a friendly app that will help you prosper tomorrow!

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