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About 2EZ Asia

Incorporated in 2009, we are a Singapore-based creative agency that specialises in web and mobile app development as well as marketing and branding solutions. With proven strengths in both design and development, our team takes pride in creating niche identities for our clients, building campaigns that expand influence and inspire word-of-mouth. We shape brand communications through insightful and creative visuals, creating brand stories that enable you to stand out on a crowded platform. Our clientele include major clients and we have underpinned numerous campaigns in the Asian Pacific region.

As digital platforms become increasingly relevant, we want to help you stay in touch with on-ground consumer trends through expanding your marketing strategies to include mobile apps and mobile-friendly websites. Having a unique mobile app experience to offer to your audience creates huge business opportunities by putting your brand right into your customers’ daily lives. Engage us to bridge connections with audiences and accomplish top-of-mind awareness in today’s constantly evolving landscape.