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Unforgivable Mistakes Made in Social Media Marketing


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Ever since the internet boom back in the 2000s, it can be observed that major social networks such as Facebook and Twitter allows individuals to connect with other web users socially over the internet. Today, businesses have also incorporated this advantage into their online marketing strategies, such as creating a Facebook page for their company, with an attempt to connect with their target audience. In social media marketing, one must always keep in mind that social media has only been around for a few years, and there is still room for online marketers to make mistakes when meting out a strategy. Unforgivable Mistakes Made in Social Media Marketing Below are a few common mistakes made in social media marketing strategies: 1. Having no plans...

Tips on Attracting Online Customers Worldwide


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On an e-commerce website, the ultimate goal for businesses is boosting their sales profit. In order to garner sales, they would require customers to purchase their products and services. On the upside, putting up a product for sale on the web does help businesses gain exposure. Setting up an e-commerce website on the internet may be easy, but how do we do it on an international scale? There are more online stores being created by the minute, thus one must stay ahead of the competition. Here are a few tips on how to attract more clients from other countries: Shipping Options This is a really obvious tip in terms of getting more international customers. Perhaps offering worldwide shipping is a great way to attract more international customers to the site?...

A Couple of Things eCommerce Sites Should Avoid


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There are so many e-commerce websites out there in the world that one may not even finish visiting every last one in his or her lifetime. Furthermore, not every website is the same. Like the famous phrase “Rome is not built in a day”, good e-commerce websites are not built overnight. This article will show the general problems that some e-commerce websites face today, and should avoid in the future. Impaired Functionality A website is made up of many parts, and each part must function properly. Broken links and wrongly directed webpages can lead to the whole breakdown of the website. By making sure that the website is tested and re-tested regularly, this issue can be avoided. Slow Loading While sometimes it is not due to the website, slow loading times may...

The Benefits of Using CMS


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Content management systems are essentially platforms that allow one to create, modify and delete content of a website. Dubbed in short as CMS, it is designed to create convenience for users to make changes to their content easily. For individuals who have no website development experience, a CMS platform is highly recommended, as it is simple and easy to use. What are the benefits of using a content management system? Convenience Websites can be created and updated using a CMS platform easily. Most individuals have no coding experience, and this is where it enters the fray. Its user-friendly administrative interface helps individuals get used to create and modify content like on a control panel. This saves them from building a website from scratch. CMS...

How to Choose a Great Web Design Agency


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Web design services are offered everywhere around the world. However, not all of them can deliver the best results, especially businesses. When a business plans to market their website online in order to build their brand name; it is important for them to comprehend the importance of hiring a suitable and qualified agency that is able to attend to their branding and design needs. How is it possible to identify a good web design agency? Here are a few pointers on how to choose an agency: 1.    Quality of Their Portfolio Upon request of their portfolio, the said agency should be proud of their work that they can display online or through traditional collateral such as printouts and files. All the work they have done concisely proves their worth and determines...

How to Improve SEO on Your Website


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Search engine optimisation is a vital aspect in the marketing of a business website, as search engine optimisation helps boost the website rankings on search engines. There are several ways to help boost a website’s rankings on major search engines such as Google. Superb SEO that is done on websites can just jumpstart a business website on the ladder to success. Here are some tips on how to improve the optimisation process: 1.    Website Content The main focal point is the website content. Writing a great and unique website content copy does wonders for a business as it is the content that can manage to convince and even attract the potential consumer to visit the website and even purchase a product or engage a service. Like advertising, a call to action...

Tips on Starting an eCommerce Business


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We are living in a world where e-commerce and social media rule the World Wide Web. They were once brand new entities that were introduced a once younger us as strange entities. But right now, times have changed, and there are many e-commerce websites being set up as we speak. Thus e-commerce businesses have to up the ante by doing some promotions and branding in order to stay on top of the e-commerce mountain. In order to be a successful e-commerce business, key strategies must be doled out to attract the attention of the target audience, where it is the importance of survival. Just how do businesses survive in this harsh pool of fellow competitors? Identifying the Target Audience The business should first identify the target audience. For example, if they are...