Social Media Management

Connect and convert new customers, the social way

Social media is an increasingly useful marketing tool you can use to connect with both new and existing customers. Nurture customer interaction and enhance brand visibility versus competitors in this digital era of Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. Our tech-savvy experts have delivered several successful social campaigns via targeting customised audience for brands and making use of analytics to monitor results, even as campaigns are ongoing.

Need to get your brand messages out there, launch a new campaign or integrate with in-store efforts? Or not sure what you are doing too little (or too much) of to engage with your audience? Let us help by advising on the right strategy to adopt for long-term digital marketing success.

Our social services include:

  • Facebook page creation and management
  • Facebook advertising and content marketing
  • Ad creation – Facebook and Google
  • Content creation
  • Audience segmentation

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